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Prescott Regional SciTech Festival goes Virtual in 2021

We had a great line-up of activities planned when we agreed to participate as an exhibitor at the Prescott Regional SciTech Festival in 2020, but then...

...we were delighted to participate in the virtual festival in 2021!

How does a virtual science festival work? How exactly did you prepare an exhibit?

The festival organizers provided a web portal for all the virtual exhibitors, and listed a schedule of live events that exhibitors chose to host. Exhibitors also included recorded events, activities, and resources for virtual attendees.

So what is in the CAZACS virtual exhibit? We encourage you to see for yourself!

Our team of volunteers dedicated to chemistry and outreach came up with a jam-packed exhibit! We posted a video about how to make slime at home, a video showing how LEGOs can teach molecular modeling, and a video for a behind-the-scenes tour of Mother Road Brewing Company (and their chemistry lab, of course!). We posted a graphic novel about MOSHY, Marvelous Oxygen and its Sidekick Hemoglobin, and highlighted favorite activities and resources for the upcoming Chemists Celebrate Earth Week 2021.

CAZACS is also hosting live events, including Periodic Table Bingo (with prizes) and a Superhero Chemistry panel discussion.

We also posted other cool resources that we found on the vast internet, such as the CovidSIM game from Ask a Biologist, a chemistry in the kitchen video from the Arizona Museum of Natural History, and highlighted videos and activities for CCEW 2021 Virtual Kids Zone.

Some of the other cool exhibits we saw at the virtual festival included the Maricopa County Air Quality Department, Eagle Aero Sport, the Society of Physics Students, and the Undergraduate Research Groups.

Many thanks to our volunteers in building this exhibit, Teresa Eaton & her students, Christina Forbes, George C. Galliher III, Kathryn Kitzmiller, and Caitlan Patcher!

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